Electrical Insulation

DyBond® Flexible insulation pre-pregs

The Coveme DyBond® pre-pregs products are flexible insulating materials having a B-Stage (semi polymerized) resin on one or both sides. The coating with the resin can be on the full surface or it can have a diamond pattern of the same thermal class than the support. DyBond® is used as electrical insulator in dry and oil transformers as well as some types of rotating machines.

The product range includes materials produced using several substrates such as:

  • Nomex® brand paper
  • DyTerm®: flexible laminates of Nomex® paper and polyester film
  • DyTerm® K:flexible laminates of Nomex® paper and Kapton® polyimide film
  • DyFlex®: flexible laminates of non woven and polyester film
  • Kemafoil® HBB: surface treated polyester film

Technical characteristics

DyBond® products are available in rolls of 100~200 m length, with ID 76 mm and a workable width of 900 mm. The portion of surface coated with resin in the diamond patterned version is around 40%. DyBond® products have a shelf life of 6 months at room temperature (max 23°C) and up to one year if stored in refrigerated cells (max. 5°C).

Table I

Values refer to a DyBond full surface one side treated

Properties Unit Value Test method
Resin coating per side g./mq.

15 +/- 10%

Resin thickness after curing µ 10 ASTM D374
Peeling force after polymerization on Cu N/cm. 300 +/- 10% COVEME 7
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Coveme electrical insulation products are Repackage Recognized Component UL (E351391).
Coveme is UNI EN ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 14001 certified.

Nomex® e Kapton® are DuPont's registered trademarks.

DyBond®, DyTerm®, DyFlex®, Kemafoil® are Coveme's registered trademarks.