dyMat® is a range of high performance backsheets that guarantees a quality lifetime of the photovoltaic module. It protects the solar cells from humidity, harsh physical and chemical environments, and guarantees total electrical insulation. 

Coveme’s polyester based backsheets (dyMat PYE®) are made of a high grade PET specifically developed for this purpose, certified by all major PV authorities and 100% recyclable. All dyMat PYE® products are guaranteed for 2500h of DHT, 72h PCT and over 400 kwh/sqm of UV irradiation resistance, snail trail free, and feature excellent hydrolysis resistance and enhanced adhesion with encapsulants.

There are different versions of dyMat® backsheets available depending on the final use and required performance.


dyMat® type
Structure Thickness(µ) Colour Characteristics
PYE SPV - SPV L Pet/Pet/Primer  295 W/W-W/BK No 1 selling backsheet 
PYE SPV L 305 Pet/Pet/Primer 305 W/W-W/BK UL Type 1 compliant
PYE SPV L SHR 305 Pet/Pet/Primer  305 W/W-W/BK UL Type 1 compliant
PYE 3000 - 3000 L Pet/Pet/Primer 295 W/W-W/BK DHT > 3000h
APYE Pet/Aluminium/Pet/Primer  370 W/W-W/BK Extra low Water Vapour Transmission
APYE SHR Pet/Aluminium/Pet/Primer W/W-W/BK Extra high reflectance, Extra low Water Vapour Transmission
BK PYE SPV L Pet/Pet/Primer 295 BK- BK Totally black
PYE Mono L Pet/Primer 280 High reflectance
PYE Mono LD Pet/Primer 280 Extra low Water Vapour Transmission
PYE Mono L SHR Pet/Primer 290 Extra High reflectance
ClrPYE Mono Coating/Pet/Primer 290 Transparent Totally transparent
HDPYE SPV L Pet/Pet/Primer 370 W/W-W/BK PDT > 1500 VDC (in oil), Extra low Water Vapour Transmission
Clr HDPYE L Coating/Pet/Pet/Primer 370 Transparent PDT > 1500 VDC (in oil), Totally transparent
PYE TSL 50/250 Tedlar® /Pet/ Primer 345 PDT > 1000 VDC
PYE TSL 50/350 Tedlar® /Pet/ Primer 445 PDT > 1500 VDC (in oil)
EPE EVA/Pet/EVA 350 Electrical insulator for ribbons and bus bars
E EVA 100 Transparent Adhesive tape to fix cells, ribbons etc.

Legend: W=white BK=black