dyMat® is a range of high performance backsheets that guarantees a quality lifetime of the photovoltaic module. It protects the solar cells from humidity, harsh physical and chemical environments, and guarantees total electrical insulation. 

Coveme’s polyester based backsheets (dyMat PYE®) are made of a high grade PET specifically developed for this purpose, certified by all major PV authorities and 100% recyclable. All dyMat PYE® products are guaranteed for 2500h of DHT, 72h PCT and over 400 kwh/sqm of UV irradiation resistance, snail trail free, and feature excellent hydrolysis resistance and enhanced adhesion with encapsulants.

Coveme's highly equipped R&D laboratories focus on products that guarantee our customers higher productivity, maximum module output and the best cost efficiency, as well as on value creation for End of Life and Life Cycle Assessment issues.

There are different versions of dyMat® backsheets available depending on the final use and required performance.


dyMat® type
Structure Thickness(µ) Colour Characteristics
PYE SPV L Pet/Pet/Primer  295 W/W-W/BK No 1 selling backsheet 
PYE SPV L 305 Pet/Pet/Primer 305 W/W-W/BK UL Type 1 compliant
PYE SPV L SHR 305 Pet/Pet/Primer  305 W/W-W/BK UL Type 1 compliant
PYE 3000 Pet/Pet/Primer 295 W/W-W/BK DHT > 3000h
APYE Pet/Aluminium/Pet/Primer  370 W/W-W/BK Extra low Water Vapour Transmission
APYE SHR Pet/Aluminium/Pet/Primer W/W-W/BK Extra high reflectance, Extra low Water Vapour Transmission
BK PYE SPV L Pet/Pet/Primer 295 BK- BK Totally black
PYE Mono L Pet/Primer 280 High reflectance
PYE Mono LD Pet/Primer 280 Extra low Water Vapour Transmission
PYE Mono L SHR Pet/Primer 290 Extra High reflectance
ClrPYE Mono Coating/Pet/Primer 290 Transparent Totally transparent
HDPYE SPV L Pet/Pet/Primer 370 W/W-W/BK PDT > 1500 VDC (in oil), Extra low Water Vapour Transmission
Clr HDPYE L Coating/Pet/Pet/Primer 370 Transparent PDT > 1500 VDC (in oil), Totally transparent
TSL 50/250 Tedlar® /Pet/ Primer 345 PDT > 1000 VDC
TSL 50/350 Tedlar® /Pet/ Primer 445 PDT > 1500 VDC (in oil)
EPE EVA/Pet/EVA 350 Electrical insulator for ribbons and bus bars
E EVA 100 Transparent Adhesive tape to fix cells, ribbons etc.
KL  PVDF/PET/Primer  50/250  W  PVDF based

Legend: W=white BK=black