EBfoil® BYS Backcontact backsheet


  • Two components, EBfoil® BYC and EBfoil® STACK are combined together as preassembly
  • Connection is made pretagging the components one to the other.
  • Doesn’t interfere with vacuum evacuation during lamination while is a precursor of the used pretagging to avoid ECA and cells floating.
  • Fiducials could be made on both BYC and STACK, to allow camera alignment for ECA deposition.

To allow easy module assembly EBfoil BYS® consists of the back-contact backsheet EBfoil® BYC preassembled with the suitable dielectric encapsulant EBfoil® STACK. The conjunction of the two parts is made with several spots of preadhesion.

EBfoil® BYC is a multilayer laminate of high perfomance Polyester layers, a primer layer and an electroplated copper conductive layer. The copper conductive layer is passivation treated for enhanced conductivity and adhesion, and ensures corrosion protection and high solderability with conductive pastes or adhesives.

The circuit patterning can be custom made according to request.

EBfoil® STACK is a dielectric encapsulant that guarantees a strong and stable bonding to the substrate not covered by conductors, to the conductive layers itself and to the back of the cells. Its stable and stiff behaving makes handling easy, and maintains a dielectric property also after lamination thanks to the innovative inner layer. The hole pattern of EBfoil® STACK can easily be customized and is dimensional stable.

EBfoil® STACK is compatible with module encapsulants and with his pretagging on EBfoil BYC, avoids cell floating.

Specifically designed process manufacturing in sheets and at low temperatures guarantees superior planarity and dimensional stability of EBfoil® BYS.


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