Backcontact is a winning solution and, integrated with the latest generation photovoltaic modules (MWT, EWT and IBC), represents the beginning of a new technological era in the photovoltaics industry.

This technology significantly reduces production costs through high-efficiency cells and land innovative module production process. The automation of the production process reduces near to zero the loss due to broken cells, and guarantees a higher output of the panel.

EBfoil BYC® is a highly innovative material for the manufacturing of backcontact photovoltaic modules. It provides rear protection and electrical interconnection at the same time and allow a very simple, reliable and fast process for Module Assembly.

EBfoil STACK® solves all alignment, precision and repeatability issues of rear punched EVA layer positioning and avoids the expensive deposition of ILD (dielectric layer), since both layers are already embedded.

The two layers, EBfoil BYC® and EBfoil STACK®, together build the component EBfoil BYS®.

Consequently, EBfoil BYS® simplifies the equipment dedicated to the Module Assembly Process with real convenience for the Customer and safe ROI.

EBfoil® is key for the success of the technology of gen II Back-Contact Modules.


EBfoil® type
Structure Thickness(µ) Characteristics
BYS EBfoil stack + EBfoil byc 560 Backsheet – backcontact assembly
SYS  EBfoil stack + EBfoil sys  560  Backsheets -backcontact assembly

Legend: TA=termoadhesive, PP=polipropilene