Ecolabel news

November 2016

Ecolabel news

It is now official that both solar panels and inverters are included in the next EU Ecodesign Working Plan, which was presented on 30 November 2016.

Ecodesign measures define minimum technical criteria for the placing of products on the European market and, as such, have an important impact on manufacturers.

The inclusion of solar panels and inverters in the EU Ecodesign Working Plan is an indication that the European Commission considers ecodesign requirements for solar panels and inverters as a generator of energy savings and increase resource efficiency.

Coveme firmly believes in the values of a green economy and this new regulation finds the company and its products ready. In fact, the PET employed in Coveme dyMat® backsheets is 100% eco-friendly and already complies with all existing regulations.

Furthermore, the company actively participates in scientific and institutional task forces worldwide for the development of highly efficient disposal processes with the lowest environmental impact possible.

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