Flexible packaging

EMP-E / SF2-E / SF2 E-C / KNP/E Transparent films

Coveme offers four types of transparent films for flexible packaging: EMP/E, SF2/E and SF2 E-C (bi-oriented polyester) and KNP/E (bi-oriented polyamide 6).

They are mainly employed for the most advanced printing techniques to be then laminated with other materials. They are suitable also for more complex packaging applications.

Packages are suitable for:

  • Fresh products
  • Dry food
  • Food subject to thermal treatments for preservation 
Characteristics Treatment Colour µ
EMP/E High speed printable External corona treatment Transparent 8,10,12,23
SF2/E Outstanding print adhesion External acrylic treatment Transparent 10,12,23
SF2 E-C Both sides treated Internal corona treated, external acrylic treated Transparent


KNP/E One side treated, outstanding puncture resitance External corona treatment Trasparent 15
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Technical data sheets

Available also in metallised versions with various optical densities (see products EMP M, EMP M/P and SF2/M)

Standard supply specifications:

Thickness (µ) Weight (gr/m2) Yield (m2/Kg) Roll length (mtrs) Outer diameter (mm) Inner diameter (mm)
8 11,2 89,3 24 000 540 152
10 14 71,4 24 000 540 152
12 16,8 59,5 24 000/36 000 630/780 152
23 32,2 31,05 12 000 620 152