Flexible packaging

Flexible packaging

The product range offered by Coveme for the flexible packaging market consists of products based on polyester film (Pet) and Nylon that are used in food packaging and the medical and luxury industry. Coveme materials are also available in metallized version.

Metallized films for flexible packaging are essential when the product requires extra protection to ensure a longer shelf life and for the luxury industry to enhance the visibility of the packaging on the shelf.
Thirty years of experience, consistency in deliveries and the wide availability of materials in stock are the main features that have contributed to the growth of this business unit of Coveme.
Coveme today is a concrete reference for end users of PET in the global development of new products thanks to a careful analysis of market trends and supplies in compliance with the latest legislation on health and environment. This is why Coveme is a valuable partner for European customers who apply modern methods of "lean production".

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