Differentiated industrial application

HPH / HPA Film for abrasives

Kemafoil® HPH and HPA are TCA (trichloroacetic acid) treated polyester films used for the production of flexible abrasive foils and discs. It offers all mechanical characteristics of polyester film such as high level stress resistance requested by an abrasive disc or foil, much superior to that of paper or tissue based ones. The TCA treatment guarantees a film wettability over 65 dynes allowing an outstanding bonding with abrasive filled resins like:

  • Water based ureic resins
  • Furanic resins
  • Phenolic resins
  • Epoxy resins

The deep bonding between the abrasive mass and the base film avoids edge brittlening during slitting and/or die cutting operations. Furthermore the surface treatment of HPH and HPA improves the bonding with self adhesive systems allowing a perfect and clean removal of the abrasive disc or tape from the surface or rotating tool. Abrasive foils manufactured with Kemafoil® HPH and HPA can easily be cleaned under water flux. Kemafoil HPA is one side surface treated for abrasive masses and antistatic treated on the other side. It offers the same performance as HPH avoiding dust deposition on the surface opposite to the abrasive coated one.

Product Characteristics Treatment Colour µ
HPH High surface tension Both sides TCA treated Matt trasparent 75-125
HPA High surface tension One side TCA treated, other side antistatic coated Matt trasparent 75-125
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The treatment can be done also on one side only (Product name HP)

Standard supply spedifications:

  • Master roll, cut rolls
  • Internal core diametre : 3" or 6" on request (76 or 152 mm).

Kemafoil® is a Coveme registered trademark