Flexible Circuitry

HSPL Treated and heat stabilized film

Kemafoil® HSPL is a range of treated and heat stabilized polyester films with high surface tension and a very low residual shrinkage. They guarantee excellent dimensional stability and outstanding adhesion with conductive inks (carbon, silver, dielectric, etc), adhesives and lacquers.

Main applications are: 

  • TFC, Thin Flexible Circuitry
  • RFID, Radio Frequency Identification
  • FPCB, Flexible Printed Circuits boards
  • FFC, Flat Flexible Cable
  • MTS, Membrane Touch Switch
  • Electro-Luminescent Surfaces
  • NFC, Near Field Communication
Characteristics Treatment Colour µ
HSPL Heat stabilized Both sides Translucent 12-350
HSPL W Heat stabilized Both sides White 12-350
HP TSL Heat stabilized One side Translucent 12-350
HP TSL W Heat stabilized One side White 12-350
HSPL HT Premium heat stabilized Both sides Translucent 75-350
HSPL HT W Premium heat stabilized Both sides White 75-350
HP TSL HT Premium heat stabilized One side Translucent 75-350
HP TSL HT W Premium heat stabilized One side White 75-350
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Available also in black version for some thicknesses

Standard supply:

  • Master roll, cut rolls and customized sheets
  • Core: 3” or 6”

Kemafoil® is a Coveme registered trademark