Flexible Circuitry

KAL 50/9 Pet/Aluminium laminate with low shrinkage

Kemafoil® KAL 50/9 is a clear polyester film and aluminium laminate with high dimensional stability for electronic etched circuitry.

Main applications are: 

  • RFID, Radio Frequency Identification
  • NFC, Near Field Communication
  • FCB, Flexible circuit boards
  • FC, flat cables
  • EMI shielding, electro-magnetic field barrier

PET/Al laminates are a flexible solution for multiple applications; whether addressed to conductive or insulation products, these laminates are developed to meet the primary CTQ factors in the market, such as appropriate adhesion between layers, no stickiness and no yellowishing after etching.
The low residual shrinkage feature allows dimensional stability during the various steps of the process, thus granting consistency of the product characteristics and performances.

Characteristics Treatment Colour µ
KAL 50/9 Pet/Aluminium laminate Aluminium one side Clear 63
  • Available back Pet version

Standard supply:

  • Master roll, cut rolls and customized sheets
  • Core: 3” or 6”

Kemafoil® is a Coveme registered trademark