Electrical Insulation

Nomex® Aramid paper and pressboard

Nomex® aramid paper is mainly employed as dielectric insulator for high temperatures. Aging diagrammes show that an insulation system based on  Nomex® paper has a lifetime over 20.000 hours at 220°C. Apart from heightening the average lifetime of electrical appliances Nomex® reduces considerably the number and probability of damages and protects the machine in case of electrical overload and temperature peaks.

The resistance to cryogenic temperatures, humidity, radiation and fire and  its non-toxic fumes complete the list of Nomex®’s unique characteristics. Nomex®  is classified as insulator class C (220°C)  by Underwriters Laboratories (file E34739(R)) and all major certifying bodies worldwide.

Types, dimensions and packing

Nomex® T 410: is the original type and is made up of a calendered paper available in different thicknesses.
Nomex® T 411: is an un-calendered paper, so with lower electrical and mechanical properties compared to T 410 , but with a slight permeability to resins and varnishes.
Nomex® T414:is similar to T410, but is calendered under different conditions which produce a strong, more flexible and conformable sheet.
Nomex® T 418: also called Nomex Mica, is notably different from the other products. Produced by adding 50% mica platelets to the polymer paste, T 418 has an elevated partial discharge resistance but lower mechanical strength.
Nomex® E56: is a low-density product with thicknesses from 0,13mm to 0,51mm.


Nomex® papers are supplied in rolls with standard widths; the tolerance is +/- 4 mm for width 914 mm and +/- 7 mm for width 965 mm.
Smaller widths can be supplied on requests with a tolerance of +/- 2 mm.
Standard inside diameter is 76 mm and outside diameter 292 mm.
Upon request, for some types of Nomex®, rolls with an outside diameter of 400mm or 482mm with double and triple length respectively.

Nomex® is DuPont's registered trademark.

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