Electrical Insulation

DyTerm® K Flexible insulation laminates Nomex® and Kapton® based

Coveme DyTerm® K insulating products derive from the coupling of Nomex® aramid paper with polyimide (Kapton®). Nomex® layers stick firmly to the films by appropriate adhesives. DyTerm® K laminates are suitable for use in electrical appliances with following working temperatures:

  • up to 200°C: N2DK, N3DK, N5DK, N7DK

The presence of films enhances the mechanical, physical and dielectrical properties of the laminate.

DyTerm® K laminates are a highly performing solution for the insulation of electric motors, more generally in rotating machines, DyTerm® K is used in slot closure and insulation, as well as to separate phases on the heads of the windings.

In transformers and electrical static equipments, DyTerm® K is used as interlay insulating material.

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DyTerm® laminates are supplied in rolls with standard width 914mm and and inside core of 76mm diametre. Other widths are available on request, starting from a minimum of 6mm with increases of 0,1mm and a tolerance of +/- 0,2 mm.

DyTerm® is a Coveme registered trademark.
Kapton® and Nomex® are DuPont registered trademarks

Coveme electrical insulation products are Repackage Recognized Component UL (E351391).
DyTerm® K is UL certified (file E209645).
Coveme is UNI EN ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 14001 certified.