End of life (EoL) and Life cycle assessment (LCA)

End of life (EoL) and Life cycle assessment (LCA)


The PET employed in Coveme backsheets is a 100% recyclable material and hazard free in any disposal process.
This means financial and ecological advantages for our clients since the disposal of the module and recycling of the materials is possible with the most efficient and environmental friendly processes.
Coveme is actively co-operating with its clients, scientific institutes, category associations and governmental bodies to promote the themes of green production and Life Cycle Assessment.”

green production

carbon footprint

The installation of 258kw of solar panels on the roof of Coveme Bologna and Gorizia

Thanks to its 2 delocated plants Coveme delivers to different countries reducing environmental pollution.

In the year 2013/2014 Coveme gained 568 TEE (Energy Efficiency Securities or white certificates), achieving a target of energy saving.

All the wasted PET from Coveme backsheet processing is recycled by specialized companies that can re-use this material for making other consumables, like textile fibres and non-woven fibres. All the by-products generated by Coveme production process (like VOC from adhesive solvents) are burned to generate heat that finally is used for other facilities of Coveme’s production plant in Zhangjiagang (China).

For its backsheet production Coveme uses polymers which have an intrinsic carbon footprint up to seven times less than other products on the market.

In recent years Coveme has adopted various measures to improve the company's carbon footprints:
In 2010 100kW of solar panels have been installed on the roof of Coveme’s headquarters in Bologna, with the goal to cover 85% of headquarter building's annual energy consumption by the end of 2011.
In June 2012 158kw of solar panels were installed on the rooftop of Coveme's Gorizia plant,with the goal to cover 18% of production site's annual energy consumption by the end of 2013.

All photovoltaic modules installed are protected by Coveme's dyMat PYE® backsheet, and both goals have been reached and will be maintained each year.

potenza impianto: 154,35kw potenza impianto: 99,36kw

Financing of the environmental

The carbon footprint of the opening event of Coveme’s plant in Zhangjiagang in 2011 , China, was offset by sponsoring "The Million Tree Project" .

The project aimed to plant one million trees in Inner Mongolia , of which 2.000 trees were sponsored by Coveme.

Download the Coveme Planting Tree Report

Visit Million Tree Project website