COVEME - The Value Of Innovation
Rochester, NY — April 4, 2017

Development agreement with Natcore Technology Inc.

Coveme is pleased to announce that the company has signed a joint development agreement with Natcore Technology Inc. The aim of the agreement is to assess and develop high troughput methods to produce laser-processed all-back-contacts on silicon solar cells.

This kind of solar cell is generally recognized as a very efficient structure. Indeed a cell of this type holds the world record for silicon cell efficiency at 25.6%.

"We developed the technology behind the Foil Cell in our Rochester R&D Center," Says Chuck Provini, Natcore President and CEO. " But we need additional expertise to help us take it to the next level. Nobody is better equipped than Coveme to provide that expertise. Coveme will help us develop a full-scale prototype and ready the cell for production".