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Coveme's commitment to a sustainable present and future is reflected in the company's numerous social and ecological activities. On an operational level a particular focus lies on the environmental aspect with green production, carbon foot print and life cycle assessment as central themes. Educational programmes, sports sponsorships and charitiy donations on a national and international level complete the picture.

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Coveme is working in partnership with customers and suppliers to offer the market eco-friendly products and to contribute to a circular economy and "Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)" process:

  • GREEN PRODUCTS: a range of products based on polyester film with coatings free of chromium, formaldehyde and phthalates free coatings. The coating technology developed by Coveme features an innovative solvent-free curing system for an eco-friendly production process and coated end product.

  • RECYCLED PRODUCTS: in collaboration with its suppliers Coveme has developed a revolutionary range of products based on polyester film composed of 70% recycled polyester (rPET), with the aim of reaching a 100% rPet content. This rPET has the same mechanical and chemical, shrinkage and transparency properties as virgin PET, and therefore the final product features the same characteristics and guaranteed performance as Coveme's standard products.

  • CIRCULAR ECONOMY: in partnership with its suppliers and industry partners  Coveme is creating a closed loop recycling scheme to recover its own and its customers' waste, then recycle it through Monomer recycling, with the possibility of upcycling, in order to finally convert it back into polyester film (rPET) as a raw material for Coveme products.

  • LCA: in cooperation with commercial partners, scientific and governmental bodies Coveme is supporting and promoting the themes of “Life Cycle Assessment” (LCA) and “End of life (EOL)” through publications, dedicated workgroups and research projects.

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99 KW: energy output


154 KW: energy output


  • We differentiate and recycle almost 50% of the waste from the production activity in both plants.
  • Both in the Gorizia plant and in the Bologna headquarters we produce renewable energy for self-consumption thanks to installed solar panels. In Bologna this covers 100% of our energy need.
  • We have a system for the collection and treatment of harmful fumes coming out of the production converting them into 100% clean emissions with zero pollution for the environment.
  • We are equipped with treatment system for water coming from the industrial processes which is stored in special silos and then disposed of by specialized and authorized companies.
  • Coveme's post-combustion systems are designed to make part of an autothermal process reducing methane gas consumption to zero.
  • A regenerative thermo oxidizer has been installed in our Chinese production site. This virtuous system captures the heat from the exhaust gases, converts the solvent into carbon dioxide and water and generates a recovery of thermal energy
  • Both production sites have special systems installed to treat solvents used in production. 75% of the solvents are regenerated to be reused in production and 25% of these are disposed of.



  • We differentiate and recycle almost 90% of office waste both in Italy and in China.
  • Recovery and reuse of packaging, encaps and cores, which are collected from our customers and reused in future supplies.
  • We have replaced all disposable consumables with recycled and recyclable materials (paper or wood) or with reusable materials (glass).
  • All Coveme staff is given a thermal bottle to encourage the use of filtered water and not in plastic bottles.
  • To balance the carbon footprint on the occasion of the opening of the Chinese Coveme plant, the company participated in the "Million tree project".



Coveme contributes with regular donations to help various charities and voluntary organizations, both within Africa and Italy area.
In Africa our assistance goes to:
  • "Make a difference" is an Italian NGO active in Kenya since 2008 in support of orphaned children in need. In particular Coveme participates in the construction of classrooms for the teaching of children, recognizing education as a winning tool for the integration of the human being in society.
  • "James non morirà" is an Italian FOUNDATION active in Ethiopia since 2002 and aims to help orphans, children in difficult situations, poor and marginalized women. Every year Coveme is involved in specific projects needed in the village of Adwa and followed by the foundation.
  • "L'Hospice Seràgnoli" in Bentivoglio (Bologna), a non-profit association that supports patients and their families in the terminal phase of illness.
  • La Città dei Ragazzi di Mola di Bari: Coveme, starting 2019, has decided to participate in youth support for children and minors, from southern Italy, who suffer from both moral and educational poverty and need to be included in a training and constructive context with perspectives future changes.


  • Coveme firmly believes in the beneficial effects of sports activity especially for young people.

    This is why the company has been renewing since several years its sponsorship for the women’s volleyball team VIP San Lazzaro (Bologna) in its run towards important goals.


  • Since 2019 Coveme is proud to support and sponsor in the men's beach volleyball world circuit the Italian athlete Daniele Lupo, winner of a silver medal at the Rio Olympics.

    Daniele made his debut as a professional in 2010, in 2012 he participated in the London Olympics in team with Paolo Nicolai where the obtained the fifth position. Two years later, in 2014, they won the European championships. The next highlight in his career was the silver medal won at the Olympic gamens in Rio in 2016.

    Daniele in 2019 is playing the world tour, below is the link to the calendar of sport events: http://www.fivb.org/EN/BeachVolleyball/calendar.asp?Type=39


Coveme actively contributes, in collaboration with the Enrico Mattei Institute of San Lazzaro (Bologna, Italy) to the realization of projects and activities under the ministerial protocol "school-work project."

The staff of Coveme holds a series of lectures and workshops on topics such as finance, marketing, sales and logistics. The aim is to strengthen the relationship with the high school students of our region and offer them the opportunity to learn about all aspects of the company through theoretical knowledge with practical examples of work activities.