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Flexible Circuitry


"Roll to Roll" and "Sheet to Sheet" printing systems in the field of flexible circuitry require a support that guarantees planarity and dimensional stability as well as high adhesion with conductive inks with the highest conductivity.
Coveme meets these requirements with a range of treated and heat stabilized polyester films, ideal for high speed printing.

Coveme technology has tuned a treatment for the surface of films which improves the adhesion of conductive inks and guarantees the proper performance in conditions of mechanical stress and harsh environments. Coveme’s films for flexible circuitry are validated by the major multinational companies in the fields of electronics for automotive, avionics, home appliances etc. Amongst other applications of Coveme materials in the automotive industries are the manufacturing of passenger detection devices and flat cables for steering wheel commands. In the field of electrical appliances flexible circuitry printed on Coveme material is employed for membrane switches, whereas in the aviation industry flat cables are employed as filmic sensors.

Another application, in the field of flexible circuitry, is represented by RFID antennas, where the control of products through the use of intelligent labeling is gradually replacing the barcode system: RFID labels allow a streamlined and digital management of the logistics of products.

Coveme has recently introduced a new range of thermoforming bioriented polyester films specifically designed for the manufacturing of In Mould Electronics parts for automotive, medical devices, household appliances and consumer electronics.

Coveme is also IATF (International Automotive Task Force) certified for suppliers to the automotive industry, which certifies full compliance with global quality standards.

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