COVEME - The Value Of Innovation



Coveme supplies some of the most important multinational companies operating in the field of biomedical diagnostics with polyester films on which the reaction elements of chemical or electronic analysis can be applied.
The range of products includes substrates printable with conductive inks and enzymatic pastes, and hydrophilic layers, besides other customized materials.

The necessity to have medical diagnoses in emergency situations, in real time and far from hospital facilities has made the so called "Near-Patient Diagnostics" an extremely important sector of medical analysis, with considerable savings in time and efficiency in the process of medical treatment.
The use of electronic technology, together with dedicated polymeric substrates has made possible the realization of simple and fast miniaturized analysis kits. Main applications relate to the analysis of blood glucose (blood glucose strips or glucose monitoring), monitoring blood tests and more generally any type of microfluidic analysis device, as well as in vitro analysis in specialized laboratories (diagnostic IVD).

It is evident that, given the extreme reliability required by these analytical devices, the film supplied by Coveme must give absolute guarantees of high and consistent quality. These characteristics are fundamental in order to gain and maintain the faith of producers of diagnostic equipment. Our R&D labs continually strive to develop new and up to date solutions for future generations of evermore sophisticated and precise biosensors.

To meet the growing demand for eco-sustainable materials, Coveme has introduced Kemafoil®ECO films for the biosensors market, made with 70% recycled PET (rPET).
The 70% of recycled PET comes from a recycling process in which post-consumer waste (plastic bottles, food trays, etc.) is recycled for the production of a rPET that has mechanical and physical properties comparable to those of virgin PET.