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Electrical Insulation


In the field of electrical insulation Coveme started in the early '70s as a distributor for DuPont Nomex® and Kapton®. The tight collaboration of the two companies led Coveme to develop the production of own technologically advanced materials for the insulation of  electrical machines (rotating and static) that require maximum performance in a small space and under high temperatures.  Coveme's range of products for flexible electrical insulation includes plain materials (polyester, Nomex®, Kapton®, Tedlar®), laminates (DyTerm® and DyFlex®) and pre-preg products (DyBond®). In addition to developing innovative products, Coveme has invested heavily in a slitting department to meet specific customer requirements.
The fields where Coveme products are used for flexible electrical insulation are: electric motors, alternators, generators, transformers (dry, cast resin or oil) and electronic circuits. A special attention is paid by the company to the renewable energy sector by developing high performance materials that help save energy and reduce the size of electric machines.

Recently, Coveme has developed in collaboration with DuPont™ an innovative range of slot liners tailored for the challenges posed by the latest generation of electric motors, such as those in 800V architecture. This new range of products responds to critical needs like the resistance to partial discharges, improved thermal conductivity, and automatic insertion processability.

Coveme insulating materials are UL Underwriters Laboratories certified and recognized by all major certification bodies worldwide.
Coveme is also IATF (International Automotive Task Force) certified for suppliers to the automotive industry, which certifies full compliance with global quality standards. To download the IATF certificate please click here.
The IATF certification was obtained thanks to the constant improvement of Coveme's processes and products, with a view to serving an automotive market increasingly aimed at the e-motors sector.
In the Italian market, only 1,9% of companies can boast the IATF certification, while in the european market this value reaches 11.2% (source

IATF certified company
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