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Coveme, founded in Bologna, Italy, in 1965, converts polyester film for various industries such as renewable energies, graphic and industrial print, microelectronics, transport and household appliances. Product and process innovation are at the heart of Coveme’s activities and fundamentals for the development of new products for highly technological industries of rapid growth and continuous evolution. In this context, the strong partnerships with our clients and suppliers are of utmost importance and vital for a successful common growth.

Today Coveme has two production sites in Italy and China and as many research and development laboratories, in Italy there is the headquarters while in India a second representative office. Thanks to the 14 leading edge production lines and the work of more than 300 people, Coveme operates commercially all over the world and carries forward the emerging challenges of the developing markets with determination and success.

All this is the result of the entrepreneurial mindset, the sagacity and know-how acquired by Coveme through the years of experience.