COVEME - The Value Of Innovation



Foundation of Coveme

Foundation of Coveme in Bologna, Italy, and start of its activities as a distributor of flexible insulation materials for the electrical and electromechanical industries.


Start production of flexible laminates NOMEX

Production start of flexible laminates for electrical insulation and adhesives
in Europe.


Expansion on the European market

Coveme expands its business to a Europe wide distribution of polyester film for flexible food packaging and other industrial applications.


TCA treatment line installed

Installation of TCA treatment line for the production of films for pre-paid cards and the reprographic drawing industry.


Gorizia facility opened: heat stabilization line installed

Opening of a new production plant in Gorizia, Italy, specialized in converting high performance polyester film. Product range expansion to printed labels and overhead transparencies.


New technologies for a global market

The company focuses its innovative spirit by investing human and financial resources into research and new production technologies to meet increasingly competitive global markets.

2000 - 2002

Innovative materials for high tech products

Development of treated and heat stabilized polyester substrates for the print of the flexible circuits, especially for the biomedical, automotive and RFID industry


Increase of the production capacity

Implementation of new production technologies and increase of production capacity. Development of transfer release films for textile screen printing andflocking.


Leadership and innovation in photovoltaics

Launch of a revolutionary high grade polyester laminate for the protection and insulation of photovoltaic modules.


Opening of backsheet manufacturing plant in Cina

Coveme opens its second successful manufacturing plant located in Zhangjiagang, near Shanghai, the first Chinese manufacturing plant of a European company producing backsheets for solar modules.

2016 - 2018

Set up of new sophisticated production lines

Inauguration of two new production lines in Gorizia with most sophisticated coating and heat stabilization technologies in clean room. Opening of a new trading company in India in order to expand the business in this important growing market.


Investments in a new
industrial start-up

Major investment in an industrial start up dedicated to new generation coatings. The research center led by a team of specialists is located in Germany, while the production is located in Coveme’s plant in Gorizia, Italy.