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Research & Development
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Research & Development

Product and process innovation

Product and process innovation are Coveme's strong point with the main objective to develop innovative products that meet and anticipate the needs of our target markets.
Our state-of-the-art laboratories reflect the company's comittment to invest constantly in the research, improvement and development of new materials and new production technologies to guarantee our customers highly performing products with greater cost efficiency.


      • 3 R&D laboratories in Europe and Asia
      • Highly sophisticated equipment
      • Specialized teams focused on customized/product projects
      • Dedicated research groups for innovation
      • Solid partnerships with industrial partners leader in polyester and chemicals
      • Strong academic collaborations with European universities and research institutes

The firstly established research and development center is located in Gorizia, Italy. It is the main research hub that collaborates with the other two dedicated centers located in China and Germany. The Chinese R&D staff is specialized on products for the photovoltaic sector while the German research center is focused on new coatings and coating technologies.

The research studies and product developements conducted by Coveme are aimed at modifying and improving the characteristics of polyester film, making it higher performing and versatile, by transforming its intrinsic characteristics and adding important properties to that innate of PET.

Film added features:

  • UV resistance
  • Hydrolysis resistance
  • Hydrophilic properties
  • Release properties
  • Printability
  • Scratch resistance
  • Anti bacterial properties
  • Anti finger print properties