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March 2022

Coveme obteined IATF certification

Coveme has successfully completed the IATF (International Automotive Task Force) certification for suppliers of the automotive industry, which certifies full compliance with global quality standards.
The IATF is the association created by the most important car manufacturers, with their respective trade associations, set up to guarantee and provide superior quality products to customers in the automotive sector worldwide.

The IATF certification was obtained thanks to the constant improvement of Coveme's processes and products, with a view to serving the automotive market increasingly oriented towards hybrid and electric vehicles.
Thanks to this certification, Coveme will also be able to carry out, within its R&D department, the design of new technological solutions developed independently and based on decades-long know how.
In the Italian market, only 1,9% of companies can boast the IATF certification, while in the european market this value reaches 11.2% (source www.simpleque.com). This is a great result that opens the doors to new challenges and confirms the commitment of the company and its continuous evolution.

Coveme obteined IATF certification

IATF Certification