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New frontiers in slot insulation material

In previous posts we talked about the main characteristics that make the new range of Coveme products for the insulation of latest generation electric motors highly performing: PDE, machinability and improved conditions at work.

What else makes these products so unique?

Perfect compatibility with different resins that are commonly used for the impregnation of motors, stators, generators and automotive.

Perfect compatibility is guaranteed by the chemistry used within the products themselves and Coveme, thanks to the know-how and technologies developed over the years, has been able to confer this important added value to the new range of products. The innovative chemistry used also firmly integrates the mica into the products, preventing it from being dispersed into the environment, making the working environment cleaner.

The new range of mono and multilayer products, developed in partnership by Coveme and DuPont, thus becomes a guarantee of high mechanical performance and excellent dielectric insulation combined with impregnation compatibility with different resins used. 

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New frontiers in slot insulation material