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New frontiers in slot insulation material

We talked about the main characteristics that make the new range of Coveme products for the insulation of latest generation electric motors highly performing:
PDE, workability, workplace safety and compatibility with the most common impregnation resins.
All this leads to a range of products that brings additional advantages to the engine design phase.

Do you want to know why?
Coveme's innovative insulation materials mark a significant advancement in electrical stress tolerance, among which PDE plays a key role, eliminating the necessity of insulation overdesign.

As a result, the design of motors with higher torque/power densities is enabled without compromising reliability.

The advantages introduced by the new range of mono and multilayer products, developed in partnership by Coveme and DuPont™ can be leveraged to enhance motor performance or reduce size, ultimately optimizing the motor cost per unit of power. 

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New frontiers in slot insulation material