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New frontiers in slot insulation material

We talked about the main characteristics that make the new range of Coveme products for the insulation of latest generation electric motors highly performing: PDE, workability, workplace safety, compatibility with the resins used and advanced electrical stress tolerance.

The last but not least important feature of the new range of mono and multilayer products, developed in partnership by Coveme and DuPont™, is the maximization of thermal conductivity which leads to improved heat dissipation and superior performance.

Electrical insulation materials inherently possess thermal insulation characteristics, and while their electrical insulation properties are fundamental features, their limited thermal transfer capabilities pose a challenge. This limitation becomes particularly critical in the context of rotating machines and their systems, where excessive temperatures can adversely affect performance and materials life.

In the pursuit of enhanced motor performance, designers focus on improving their cooling systems and on minimizing thermal resistance within the machines. Specifically, lower thermal resistances within the slot translate to improved heat dissipation, maintaining controlled temperatures and potentially allowing for higher currents in the conductors. Coveme's innovative line of flexible slot liner products effectively addresses these thermal design needs. Through advanced processing, Coveme maximizes thermal conductivity, yielding superior performance compared to standard slot liners, even in combination with impregnating varnishes and resins. Additionally, the products' exceptional tolerance to electric stresses could enable a reduction in slot liner thickness, further reducing the thermal resistance between conductors and steel laminations. The use of these innovative materials contributes in easing the thermal management of the machine.

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New frontiers in slot insulation material