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18 October 2023

New frontiers in slot insulation material

Coveme is about to launch a new range of products, developed in partnership with Dupont®, designed to meet the specific challenges of processability and performance of latest generation of electric motors.

Partial Discharge Endurance (PDE) is the most important parameter to evaluate in order to guarantee the quality of the insulation.

This is the first post of a series where we will be talking about fundamental parameters that guided us in the development of this new product range.

As the demand for efficiency, performance, and power density continues to rise, rotating machines manufacturers are increasingly considering the implementation of higher operating voltages, such as 800V architectures for electric vehicle motors, and the adoption of new-generation power electronic converters, including those based on Silicon Carbide devices.
These higher operating voltages, combined with the rapid and repetitive transients from converters, enhance the electrical stresses on the insulation materials, eventually causing partial discharges activity. Partial discharges pose a substantial threat to the reliability, causing motor failures in very short times if not remedied.

In this scenario, the new Coveme products have been developed to resist partial discharges and have been tested in highly critical conditions that can occur in reality.

Furthermore, this innovative range, in class H, was designed specifically for slot liners and resists partial discharges up to 1000 times more than the products currently used traditionally in slot liners.

For more info contact: Alessandro Piroli

New frontiers in slot insulation material