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Sustainable products


Coveme is working in partnership with customers and suppliers to offer the market eco-friendly products and to contribute to a circular economy and "Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)" process:

  • GREEN PRODUCTS: a range of products based on polyester film with coatings free of chromium, formaldehyde and phthalates free coatings. The coating technology developed by Coveme features an innovative solvent-free curing system for an eco-friendly production process and coated end product.

  • RECYCLED PRODUCTS: in collaboration with its suppliers Coveme has developed a revolutionary range of products based on polyester film composed of 70% recycled polyester (rPET), with the aim of reaching a 100% rPet content. This rPET has the same mechanical and chemical, shrinkage and transparency properties as virgin PET, and therefore the final product features the same characteristics and guaranteed performance as Coveme's standard products.

  • CIRCULAR ECONOMY: in partnership with its suppliers and industry partners  Coveme is creating a closed loop recycling scheme to recover its own and its customers' waste, then recycle it through Monomer recycling, with the possibility of upcycling, in order to finally convert it back into polyester film (rPET) as a raw material for Coveme products.

  • LCA: in cooperation with commercial partners, scientific and governmental bodies Coveme is supporting and promoting the themes of “Life Cycle Assessment” (LCA) and “End of life (EOL)” through publications, dedicated workgroups and research projects.

    Moreover Coveme has promoted the study of the carbon footprint through the LCA (life cycle assessment) analysis of a film backsheet for solar panels. This analysis was performed by the Politecnico di Milano and by Gesteco, a company that develops integrated solutions for the environment.
    Click here to view the LCA study

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